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SugarVeil Extra Dark Chocolate - 107g packet SALE


Product Description

 Best before end 2016

Tastes like a dream! Wonderfully-rich, dark chocolate flavor contained within the deepest black colour - made entirely without colourants! No additives, preservatives, food colour or allergens - a non dairy, non-gluten, OU Kosher-certified Vegan delight!

You can smooth versatile Extra Dark Chocolate SugarVeil over a Lace mat to make perfectly matte black chocolate lace, or brilliantly shiny, patent leather bows! The concentrated 3.7 oz/107gm package makes 6 - 8 mats or 10 beautiful bows. 

Or fill a cartrige of the SugarVeil Air Pen with SugarVeil and create words and intricate decorative pieces "off the cake" to personalize a cake, pastry or plated dessert.

  • Create decorations "off the cake" - Trace and pipe onto parchment
  • Pipe ornate patterns with ease - icing flows quickly and effortlessly
  • Decorations are flexible - Peel to apply a continuous border or cake top design
  • Colour "tight" - Superior colour retention to control wicking
  • Smooth and consistent - Ideal for use in the SugarVeil® Piping Dispenser
  • Light and delicate tasting - Add colour or flavour, if desired
  • Long shelf life - Dry powder mix
  • Contains no fat, dairy, gluten, colourants, or artificial additives
Usual price £5.20